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John Fogarty

Revival (Fantasy)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

For about three decades, John Fogerty would have nothing to do with Fantasy Records, until his nemesis Saul Zaentz – now a three-time Best Picture Oscar-winning film producer – sold his interests in the company that Creedence enriched. With Zaentz gone, Fogerty's back, and it's as if he was never away.

Revival is replete with the kind of memorable melodies, earthy swamp-rock grooves and blue-collar indignation that made Creedence special – characteristics celebrated in the immodest "Creedence Song" – but with an added layer of self-knowledge bringing a more complex texture to some tracks here.

The bitter spite of the classic "Fortunate Son" runs through songs like "I Can't Take it No More" and "Long Dark Night", while the spry rockabilly number "It Ain't Right" takes to task a nouveau riche girl flaunting her wealth in the old neighbourhood. In comparison, Fogerty celebrates old hippie times in the Cream pastiche " Summer of Love", and indulges dreams of peace and love in "Don't You Wish it Was True". It all adds up to his strongest set in quite some time.

Download this: 'Don't You Wish it Was True', 'Long Dark Night', 'It Ain't Right', 'I Can't Take it No More'


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