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Killer anthems see Flowers and Co blossom in Belfast

By Joe Nawaz

Ten years and four albums into a career blending the epic and the nonsensical into giddy stadium-ramming perfection, The Killers returned to Belfast.

The Odyssey was a sea of quivering sentience all waiting for the most celebrated musical Mormon act since the Osmonds.

The wait for Brandon Flowers and Co was too much for a couple of Fermanagh fans in the stands whose repeated baying of "Kellurs" got them reprimanded for their trouble.

Finally – just as communal goodwill was about to turn into a collective "did you spill my pint" free for all – the band all bounded onstage, launched into Mr Brightside and all eyes turned to the stage and the superhuman showbiz stylings of frontman Brandon Flowers.

Wearing half-mast trousers and Cuban heels that may have given the wearer altitude sickness, he proceeded to conduct the thousands of delirious bodies in "Whassup Belfast? We missed you," without even looking at the note which said 'insert city here'.

Any remaining doubters in the audience were beguiled. And when he asked: "Can you guess what it is yet?" before Smile Like You Mean It, there wasn't a tipsy soul in the dome that didn't shout approval, even if they weren't sure of the song.

The stage backdrop of an ominous highway resembling the road to Larne on a wet Wednesday transformed into a series of dazzling Windows screensavers as the band ploughed through a surprisingly ample back catalogue.

As Human lumbered into life, mere fist-punching became frantic grabbing for imaginary fivers above the crowd. Never has gibberish sounded so profound as when the Flowers sang refrain: "Are we human, or are we dancer?" we all pretended to know what it meant.

Flowers hopped about like he was dancing on coals. With a series of charismatic pointing, saluting and winking gestures, he carried the whole rammed room from Nevada to Neptune via songs such as Spaceman.

A quick rendition of Brown Eyed Girl was politely sang along to, but really the crowd just wanted the anthems. Runaways, with its 80s soft rock centre, had couples who'd only just met refrain from recklessly spilling drinks on each other.

"How are we doing so far?" he asked the adoring mob – but he knew the answer before they even finished "yeeow"-ing. The Killers then absolutely slayed the Odyssey last night. But thankfully the only casualties were a couple of slapped wrists of excitable Fermanagh men.

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