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Michael Jackson guitarist hits right notes

Michael Jackson may have spent much of his private life in an oxygen tank, but musically he didn’t live in a bubble. The King of Pop had many skilled collaborators, one such being shock-haired guitar slinger Jennifer Batten.

Now 52, Batten came to Belfast’s Black Box last night to perform an intense one-woman multimedia show. It was Batten, her guitar, a video screen, a bass-and-drums backing track and a bewildering array of effects pedals.

Between songs, the amiable musician told random stories and discussed her art with wit and charisma.

The mostly instrumental performance was lapped up by Belfast’s muso fraternity, but there was also much to enjoy for more mainstream fans.

Batten augmented the riffs and solos with film clips, many of which she had compiled herself, and there was even a 12-minute tribute to her former employer.

Andrew Johnston

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