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No waiting game on second night as Rihanna struts stuff

By Andrew Johnston and John Mulgrew

Rihanna disappointed fans on Thursday by arriving on stage an hour-and-a-half late.

Last night, at the second of three Belfast concerts, she appeared to have learned her lesson, keeping us waiting for just 20 minutes or so.

She strode into view at five past nine, sporting a modest — for her — blue dress, together with neon pink and yellow high heels.

But the sticky heat inside the sold-out Odyssey Arena was clearly too much for the Barbadian star.

By the second song she had stripped down to a bikini. And her patter was as potty-mouthed as ever.

“Put your f**king hands up,” the singer demanded.

Huge video screens made sure even people at the back could see every inch of skin and bead of sweat, while the monstrous PA ensured it was loud enough to be heard all the way to Bangor.

Meanwhile, following the diva’s time-keeping debacle on Thursday night, the fan reaction was mixed.

Julie Kerr, who attended the show, said the delay had a knock-on effect for young children and their parents. “There was a really bad atmosphere as we were all kept waiting and waiting.

“A lot of people had to get lifts and there were children there who had to get out for school in the morning.”

Another fan said she was forced to leave early with her young daughter who was “falling asleep by the time Rihanna came on stage”.

She added that it was the “worst £300 I’ve ever spent”.

But some of her loyal supporters appeared jubilant at the chance to see the pop queen at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on the second night of her tour.

One tweeted: “Don't think it could rain any heavier...@rihanna in Belfast last night, would need her umber ella ella ella ella”.

Another commented, “Belfast!! The Newry girls are on their way!!”

One fan didn’t seem bothered by the singer’s late arrival on Thursday, writing: “Belfast was rocked last night by @CalvinHarris & @rihanna the long wait didn't even matter, top night!”

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