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Review: Enrique Iglesias, Odyssey Arena, Belfast


Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Spanish pop icon Enrique Iglesias may have sold 55 million records, but he has some way to go to catch up with father Julio’s 300 million.

Yet at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena on Saturday night there was just one Hispanic crooner on anyone’s mind.

Enrique has the unique ability to turn grown women into quivering wrecks, and quite a number of men too. Toned, tanned and casually attired in jeans, grey T-shirt and baseball cap, the 35-year-old gave Belfast his all.

It was the singer’s fourth concert in the city and he fondly recalled the first, in 2002.

“You’re beautiful, Belfast,” Iglesias proclaimed.

The overwhelming consensus seemed to be that he wasn’t too bad himself.

There isn’t a great deal of substance in his music, but Iglesias knows how to work a crowd — even if much of Saturday’s show was barely suitable for a family |audience.

Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You), with ‘loving’ changed to something coarser, and his between-song demands for his audience to “get dirty” made this a decidedly over-18 affair.

The singer revealed an anarchic streak, as he kicked over his mic stand and strutted into the crowd.

He told people to ignore security and to “do whatever the f*** you want”.

The star made his way through the hall, kissing delirious fans and posing for photos.

“I can’t sing a serious song while you fiddle with my ass,” Iglesias laughed, after one lady got a little too friendly.

As for the music, it was middle-of-the-road Latin pop with a steady stream of Top 10 singles, including Heartbeat, Takin’ Back My Love and Hero.

Iglesias’ seven-piece band kept things rolling along, aided by atmospheric lighting and a stage-set that would rival flamboyant American rockers Kiss.

The songs might not get stuck in your head, but several thousand women got stuck in.


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