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Strings of Consciousness

Our Moon is Full (Central Control)

By Andy Gill

Strings of Consciousness are the first act signed to Barry Adamson's new label. Our Moon is Full features vivid and challenging instrumental arrangements as backdrops to sinister tales delivered by guest vocalists.

But if Adamson's work could be characterised as aural film noir, then Strings of Consciousness are more the equivalent of European art-house cinema, these eight pieces not so much composed as congealed. Some, like "While the Sun Burns Out Another Sun" and the miniature "Defrost Oven", are quiet, sparse ambient explorations of harp, guitar or vibes; others such as "Crystallize It" and "Sonic Glimpses" deploy more testing sheets of distorted guitar noise. Best of all are the opener "Asphodel", in which a crackling, creaking Heath Robinson bricolage of clicks, scrapes and squeaks is assembled into a cohesive bed for Jim (Foetus) Thirlwell's multi-tracked Beatle-ish harmonies; and "In Between", a tour de force of improvisational skill and sensitivity.

Download this: 'Cleanliness is Next To Godliness', 'In Between', 'Asphodel', 'Sonic Glimpses'

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