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The craic is 90s with legendary double act of Happy Mondays and The Charlatans

Feile Marquee, Flls Park, Belfast

THE 24-hour party people of west Belfast were in no mood to let their weekends fizzle out.

While babysitters made a killing, several hundred 40-somethings grabbed pitchers of beer and fishing hats and prepared to party like it was 1990.

The Charlatans are big enough and good enough to headline a gig of this size on their own, and they proved just why with a setlist chock-full of material from their 1990s peak, from baggy anthems like The Only One I Know to later hits like One To Another.

As for re-reformed Mondays, things started well when Bez – in eye-watering T-shirt and shorts – MC-ed the band's first Belfast gig in 20 years.

The set started strongly, too, Kinky Afro followed by Loose Fit, Rowetta's soaring vocals a foil to Shaun Ryder's gruff whine, and Bez, well, being Bez.

But these days he can't maintain a full set and sat out almost the whole thing.

The Mondays' grooves haven't aged as well as The Charlatans' songwriting, and when Rowetta and Bez were both offstage it fell a little flat. Still, you suspect that the only complaints were of sore heads and aching limbs.

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