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These New Puritans

Beat Pyramid (Domino)

By Nigel Gould

There's a real familiarity to the sound of These New Puritans, just one track into their debut album Beat Pyramid. But before you can say Arctic Monkeys or Franz Ferdinand, they change direction into something - well, indefinable.

It's an unsettling juxtaposition - but stick with the album and you'll be in for a treat. The Southend band certainly give good value for money - taking you on a musical treasure hunt with a wee gem on every corner.

These include Swords of Truth, the catchy Numerology (AKA Numbers) and the best of the lot Elvis, complete with Peter Hook-like bass. These New Puritans are named after the great pop-punk survivor Mark E Smith's hip priest. And while the band do not necessarily take their cue from the Fall legend, they do show their respect for him, particularly on tracks such as En Papier.

Singer Jack Barnet is undoubtedly a talented guy but he's never going to match the wit and genius of a wordsmith extraordinaire no matter how hard he tries. If anything, the frontman sounds more like Gary Numan!

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