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Tommy Fleming review: Another fine night of vintage Fleming


Tommy Fleming

Tommy Fleming

Tommy Fleming

Tommy Fleming is always a welcome visitor to Belfast and on Saturday evening he and his very talented musicians played to a packed Ulster Hall.

Tommy has a special affection for Belfast audiences, and the feeling is mutual. It was no surprise, therefore, that the concert consisted of Irish songs which have been the cornerstone of Fleming's 25-year career on the road and in the studio.

All the familiar songs were there including The Contender, Bright Blue Rose, Through A Child's Eyes and many more. He also demonstrated the power of music to evoke poignant memories of the idiocies of the First World War in Christmas 1915.

This concert was in effect an autobiographical tour of his life and career, including his childhood and youth in the west of Ireland, his recovery from a serious road accident, his tough times touring the pubs and clubs as an unknown, and the turning point when an encounter with Phil Coulter in Westport gave him the break to a top national and international career.

This was vintage Fleming, right on song, and with anecdotes full of wit and wisdom. He and his audience have stayed loyal to each other and overall it was another great concert.

Four stars

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