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Rocker on acid trip thought Orange band was giant slug


Bobby Gillespie. Credit: Ian Gavan

Bobby Gillespie. Credit: Ian Gavan

Bobby Gillespie. Credit: Ian Gavan

Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has told how he went on a bad trip on acid — during an Orange Order parade.

The Loaded singer said the mind-bending drug made the marchers look like a giant slug.

Bobby said that he had earlier been “rolling about” in a forest “all day, naked” before pals dressed him and they headed into East Kilbride, near his native Glasgow.

He stated: “Through the heat haze of the late afternoon and my skewed, goggle-eyed acid vision I saw the sight of an Orange pipe and drum band marching slowly up the road towards where us acid-stragglers were stood on the pavement.

“I swear that the pipe band and Lodge members morphed into an enormous creature resembling a huge orange slug, leaving a trail of greasy orange slime behind them.

“They had set off from East Kilbride earlier that morning and marched into Glasgow playing their triumphalist Protestant battle songs, all instrumental on flute with drum and accordion accompaniment. I knew all the words to these songs. I had grown up with them.”

The Celtic fan also revealed in his new book Tenement Kid that as a youngster he had a red, white and blue band stick and enjoyed contests to see how high he could toss it.

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Bobby (59) said: “As an innocent child I had watched the band leader throw his mace in the air, topped with a heavy, imperious, gleaming silver head-stock.

“The length of the mace was covered in red, white and blue ribbons. I’d made my own version out of an old mop handle painted silver and festooned it in garlands.

“All the boys on my street did it, and we would have competitions to see who could throw their stick the highest and catch it before it hit the ground. I was good at this game.

“We copied the way the band leader moved the mace from side to side, over his back and round his neck before throwing it high in the air again to the cheers of the marchers and camp followers.”

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