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The Waterboys: Nostalgic fans have long wait to be moon-struck

Ulster Hall

By Chris Jones

In a 30-year career, Mike Scott's Waterboys have always been a restless proposition. After the starmaking Big Music mid-'80s - spawning The Whole Of The Moon - Scott moved to Ireland and let his surroundings consume the music.

Scott has since followed his muse wherever it has taken him, and much of it came through on the Ulster Hall stage. The band were happy to draw from most periods of his long career, albeit with a heavy bias towards the bluesy new album.

However, as the set wore on there was more than a whiff of self-indulgence - lumpen R&B, songs extended way past their welcome.

A fairly pointless cover of rock and roll standard Roll Over Beethoven emphasised Scott's current headspace but it's not what anyone comes to a Waterboys show to hear.

That honour goes to The Whole Of The Moon, its piano intro greeted with screams of delight, the song sounding like the modern classic that it unquestionably is.

Three stars

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