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Watch: First look at Divine Comedy's new release Norman and Norma

Chamber pop band The Divine Comedy have released the music video for their new single, Norman and Norma.

Norman and Norma is taken from the Enniskillen band's new 16-track album, Office Politics, which releases on June 7.

Neil Hannon narrates the story of Norman and Norma, a heroically normal couple from Norfolk to a typically sophisticated and emotive 80’s influenced soundscape.

Director Raphael Neal said: “It's my fourth music video with The Divine Comedy. Coming up with a concept for Norman and Norma was challenging because the lyrics are already very evocative and tell the story of quite realistic characters.

"I didn't want to be too literal. I came up with the idea of showing mainly the hands of the characters in order to give the viewer enough space to imagine his own story. The song having this 'classic Divine Comedy' dimension, I also wanted to film Neil Hannon in a sort of "ultimate singer-songwriter" setting: just him on the piano, in black and white, as if he was coming up with the song as he was playing on the piano.”

The album was written, produced and arranged by Neil Hannon and recorded in Ireland and London, and additional guest vocals come courtesy of Chris Difford, Cathy Davey and Pete Ruotolo.

“It has synthesizers. And songs about synthesizers,” Neil says. “But don’t panic. It also has guitars, orchestras, accordions, and songs about love and greed.”

He adds, “I do try to make normal records.  But it always seems to wander off into odd territories.”

Neil Hannon and the band will play at the Ulster Hall in Belfast on October 7, as well as nights in Dublin and Cork.

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