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Clive Standen has said he is quite happy to keep being cast in period dramas - even if he might end up being typecast as "Medieval Boy".

The 29-year-old actor, who has already been on our screens playing Archer in the BBC adaptation of Robin Hood, now has a role in Channel 4's epic new series Camelot, playing Sir Gawain.

When asked if he was already being linked to a certain kind of role, the chirpy actor said: "It is panning out like that," before adding: "I'm going to typecast myself as Medieval Boy!"

Luckily he's grown to love the genre, and all the action and adventure that comes with it.

"I was moaning to my agent, saying, 'I need to get into something modern', but there is something about dressing up for other periods of time, it's like being back in the playground and playing let's pretend - which is essentially what acting is," he says.

Clive is simultaneously a director's dream and nightmare. His stuntman background and extreme fitness (he's also a former fencing and Thai boxing champion) mean he's extremely employable but, once on set, there's no dissuading him from doing all his own stunts, regardless of what it might cost to insure him.

"There's no way I'm going to let a stuntman take over from me - the stunts are part of the fun and I feel quite safe doing my own stunts," he says.

"The directors always say no for insurance purposes, but you just have to keep arguing and arguing!"

:: Camelot begins on Channel 4 tonight (June 11).


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