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30 Rock star Tracy out of hospital

Tracy Morgan has been discharged from hospital after collapsing during the Sundance Film Festival - and he says he'll go straight back to work.

The 30 Rock star's publicist said Tracy collapsed due to exhaustion and altitude during the film festival in Park City, where the elevation is 7,000 feet.

Tracy, who plays vain comedian Tracy Jordan in the New York-set comedy, took to Twitter to say that the high altitude "shook up this kid from Brooklyn."

"Superman ran into a little kryptonite," he quipped.

He also said on Twitter that he would be back to work Tuesday (today) on 30 Rock.

Ron Nyswaner, co-director of the Sundance film Predisposed, in which the actor stars, said Tracy's collapse resulted from "altitude sickness combined with his diabetes. And he hadn't eaten. He hadn't had enough water."

Tracy's publicist added that hospital officials found no drugs or alcohol inthe star's system.

The comedian had been attending an event for the Creative Coalition at which he had just received an award.

In Predisposed, which stars Jesse Eisenberg and Melissa Leo, Tracy plays a drug dealer caught up in the push-and-pull between a piano prodigy and his troubled mother.


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