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50 Cent gets flirty with female statue

50 Cent couldn't keep his hands off a stone statue of a woman in a series of funny Instagram shots.

50 Cent has shocked fans by hitting on a naked female statue in a series of risque photos.

The rapper indulged in his artistic side recently when he visited what appeared to be a museum or gallery, and shared snaps of himself resting his hands on the body of a female sculpture on Instagram. Attempting to be romantic, 50 – real name Curtis Jackson – captioned the humorous shots with flirtatious lines.

“I told her all I needed was time to talk to her. I was trying to figure out why she was so cold.( Detroit playa s**t),” he wrote alongside the first photo of his hand on her breast, before he moved his hand down to her stomach in a second picture.

“As I continued to speak, I could see she was intrigued by the things I said to her.”

In the final bizarre photo, 50’s fingers are seen resting above the statue’s crotch, by which point the musician seemingly gave up with his mock attempts to woo the stone woman.

“Then I said you know you want to give me some,stop playing so much girl DAMN we grown. LMAO she a cold freak. SHE SUCK ME OUT THE FRIEND ZONE,” he wrote alongside the photo.

It’s not clear what triggered the 41-year-old’s strange photographs, but his fans were clearly amused by the feedback they left on the uploads.

“The eyes says she loves you like a fat kid loves cake,” one user joked, while another commented on his subtle hand movements: “Lol (laugh out loud) it's funny to see the hands move in different places stupid lol.”

The In Da Club hitmaker showed off his funny side at the weekend (3-4Sep16) too when he dressed up for his son Sire’s fourth birthday. Posing with the tot in his arms, who looked cute in a white jacket and pale jeans, 50 revealed the theme of the party to his Instagram followers.

“Lol the kid said he want a cyborg I said ok, then he said I want daddy to be cyborg. what !!! Ok it ya (sic) birthday I'm a Cyborg,” he wrote.

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