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50 Cent wants variety show to be new In Living Color

The rapper will never show off his ballroom dance skills on camera.

50 Cent is aiming to use his new variety show to discover top talent, just like comedy series In Living Color did back in the 1990s.

The legendary U.S. sketch show ran from 1990 to 1994 and is credited with launching the comedy careers of Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and David Alan Grier, while Jennifer Lopez got her big break as a member of the show's dance crew The Fly Girls, for which actress Rosie Perez served as choreographer.

50 Cent wants to emulate the success of the programme, created by funnymen Keenen and Damon Wayans, with his new late night series 50 Central, which will feature various sketch comedy pieces, celebrity guests, musical performances, and pranks.

"I was trying to compare it to In Living Color out the gate because In Living Color broke so many big talents, and I like to think that it's gonna be the new version of that," the rap superstar told U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. "It's almost a talent search; I've found people from all across the country, the cast and everybody. It's exciting."

50 Central will also include guest stars showing off hidden talents, but 50 Cent, who will serve as the host of the series, insists viewers won't get the chance to see his secret skill - his fancy footwork.

"I got moves," he admitted. "I can dance, but I don't do it because it's bad for my image. People look at you different when you do the mamba (sic)..."

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Referencing his pal Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s stint on U.S. reality show Dancing with the Stars back in 2007, he continued, "Floyd did Dancing with the Stars and I had a ball with him after that. I was like, 'What is you doing, champ (sic)? You box, you don't dance!' He did a good job, but, you know...!"

50 Central, which will be executive produced the In Da Club hitmaker via his G-Unit Film & Television company, debuts on America's BET network in late September.

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