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A Partridge on a cheesecake surprise for Steve Coogan

Actor and producer Steve Coogan has been presented with a cake decorated with the face of his most famous creation, Alan Partridge.

The Spitting Image actor and star of The Trip was hosting the first screening of a brand new one-off Alan Partridge "documentary" special, Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle, at BAFTA in central London, when he was surprised with the celebratory cheesecake.

Featuring a Toblerone base - Alan's favourite - it was made in his honour by the Great British Bake Off's 2013 champion, Frances Quinn, and was inspired by the much quoted "Smell my cheese" sketch from the BBC cult series, I'm Alan Partridge.

Coogan said: "You have done your homework. I hope it tastes as good as the concept."

:: Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic on May 30.


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