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A Wolfmoon rising for talented Co Tyrone duo


WolfMoon duo Matt McGlinn and Niall Donnelly

WolfMoon duo Matt McGlinn and Niall Donnelly

WolfMoon duo Matt McGlinn and Niall Donnelly

The first Full Moon of the year is thought to signify new beginnings, inspire hope in those who wish to have it and give solace to those who need it.

The ‘Wolf Moon’ is a time where old and new meet, where an unwritten future lies ahead.

Having performed together for 20 years, Omagh-based duo Niall Donnelly and Matt McGlinn decided that 2020 was the year to find the “courage and comfort” in their own sound to release their debut album entitled, ‘From The Mountain To The Wave’.

Their new passion project under the name ‘Wolfmoon’, will officially be revealed to the public this Friday, May 1, when the album goes live on all online platforms.

Niall said: “Matt and I have been playing music together and writing songs since our teens, but have never really committed anything to a proper record.

“In September last year we decided to start the process, writing the music as it came to us.

“It became a cathartic and homely experience for us both, we were under no pressure to create to a deadline or fit into any specific genre but just to write what we felt, so that in the years to come we could look back and have something tangible that we can proud of.

“I just really love the songs and how they fit together.

“Our dream was to create an album that you could press play at the beginning and not skip a song, enjoying the music as it ebbed and flowed. Hopefully we have achieved that.”

Within a few months, Niall and Matt had written and arranged 12 original songs, inviting some talented musician friends such as Eamon McElholm (piano and cello), Colm Campbell (harmonica) and Gareth Lowry (drums) to be part of the recording before sending to Pete Maher in London to be mastered.

Matt said: “The timing has been poignant in a way…the current circumstances brought their own set of challenges to the finalising of the album, but we got there and somehow it feels like it has worked out well.

“We think there are messages in our music that will bring comfort to people that might need it at the minute and now feels like the perfect time to get it out there.

“We have always had song ideas, writing is something we’ve always enjoyed and this has been a great avenue to direct that energy.

“We only started talking about it in September, within a couple of months we had four or five songs and by January we had 12 new songs that we truly enjoyed and felt excited about bringing to the album.

“We have shared some of the tracks with family and friends and so far the feedback has been very positive. We are very happy with the outcome and hope everyone else enjoys it come May 1.”

‘From The Mountain To The Wave’ will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube from Friday when their website will also be launched.

With the current lockdown, Niall and Matt don’t have any live gigs booked, but have told fans to keep an eye on their Wolfmoon Facebook page for a live performance.

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