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Abbie Holborn watches Geordie Shore with her dad

Abbie Holborn has bedded Scotty T and kissed Aaron Chalmers since joining the show.

Geordie Shore's new girl Abbie Holborn watches the saucy show with her dad.

Six years after first hitting TV screens, the Newcastle-based show is still as entertaining as ever, with the housemates, including Marnie Simpson, Aaron Chalmers, and Scotty T, constantly drinking, fighting, and getting steamy on screen.

While most people wouldn't want their parents to see them getting up to no good, Abbie insists that isn't the case in her house.

"I don't mind having sex on TV and it doesn't affect anything for me and if I want to do something in the moment I will. My parents are really supportive of it. They've always watched the show so they knew what it was about and they said everyone does it anyway so they don't mind," she told Mail Online.

"I sit and watch it with my dad. But when I came out I told them everything anyway."

Abbie's sentiments echo her castmate Chloe Ferry's, who told Cover Media in 2016 that her family "wouldn't dare" call her up on her behaviour, because "they love it. Everyone knows how I am in my family".

Continuing her chat, Abbie shared how she copes with the negative backlash she sometimes receives. Since joining the MTV show, the 19-year-old, who has recently been named as a permanent cast member, has jumped into bed with Scotty and also let Aaron get close.

"I've seen a lot of comments about the bedding and I totally ignore it. Everyone will have an opinion and not everyone is like this but a lot of people are. Everything I'm doing on TV I do at the weekend with my mates anyway," she stated.

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