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Actor Michael Sheen delivers petition plea for homeless teens

Actor Michael Sheen has delivered a petition to the Welsh Government urging it to stop homeless teenagers being placed in bed and breakfast accommodation.

The Welshman's petition has now gathered more than 115,000 signatures online, calling for tighter regulations around where local authorities send homeless young people in Wales.

He met Lesley Griffiths, the minister with responsibility for housing in Wales, in Cardiff on Wednesday afternoon for a debate around the issue.

In his petition he said the plea is a simple one. He wrote: "All we are asking for is that homeless teenagers have a place of safety, a shower, a hot meal and someone to talk to."

Delivering the petition he said: " We're going to debate these issues with the minister and see if we can get the Welsh Government to create much tighter guidelines for local authorities to make sure young people aren't put in that situation."

The actor has cited research from charity End Youth Homelessness Cymru, which says local authorities place around 100 16 and 17-year-olds into unsuitable B&Bs every year, with the number rising.

Sheen, who has been outspoken on a number of issues including protecting the NHS and criticising potential changes to FOI legislation, said starting the petition online was a "very new" experience for him.

He said: " It's a powerful way for people to have their voices heard in our politics."


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