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Actor tells of Cyberman toilet test

Doctor Who star Samuel Anderson has told how dressing in a Cyberman costume can play havoc with bodily functions - and left him bursting for the toilet.

The actor, who played teacher Danny Pink in the show, explained that he had to keep drinking to deal with the heat of the costume, but spending a penny took around three-quarters of an hour.

Samuel's character was converted into a Cyberman following his death as the last series reached its climax last month, so he spent hours strapped into the heavy costume.

He explained: "The thing was it was 25 degrees and I was trying to keep cool and hydrated and the more you drink, the more you need to go - and going takes about 45 minutes to get out of the gear."

Samuel's character was the boyfriend of Clara Oswald (played by Jenna Coleman) in series eight, which has now been released as a DVD box set by BBC Worldwide.

He said that as well as contending with the heat, many of his fellow Cybermen had struggled with discomfort due to a slight design flaw in the costume.

"They sculpted it on a left-handed person," he said.

"He was an average male but he was left-handed so his left arm was bigger than everyone's. So every one of us within two hours was like 'my arm is killing me', 'is it your right arm?', 'right arm, yeah' - 'oh we built it on a left-handed guy'."


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