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Actress Jane Seymour has no plans for facelift


Actress Jane Seymour said she has no intention of getting a facelift

Actress Jane Seymour said she has no intention of getting a facelift

Actress Jane Seymour said she has no intention of getting a facelift

Ex-Bond girl Jane Seymour says she needs her wrinkles for her job - so she won't be getting a facelift any time soon.

The actress, 64, had a boob job a quarter of a century ago and has also had surgery around her eyes.

But appearing on Loose Women, she said she had been put off plastic surgery by seeing its effects on other people in the film industry.

She said: "I started looking around and everyone started looking a bit like chipmunks - and they didn't look like themselves.

"And I'm an actress and I really believe in coming to work as a blank canvas and then turning myself into the character. So I need my wrinkles, I need my facial expressions to happen.

"And I saw a lot of people who did it, famous celebrities who don't look like themselves any more, and I went, 'Ooh I'm not sure I'm ready for that'."

But she added: "Let me just say, I have nothing against people having facelifts, doing whatever they want to do, I think it's fantastic - it's everyone's choice. It's just currently not mine."

But she added: "That could change next week."

Seymour also revealed a moment that changed her perspective on her body.

She said: "I had a life-changing moment where I had anaphylactic shock, and I actually died and was resuscitated.

"And when I was out, and I could have gone somewhere else I imagine, I looked down and I saw this body there which looked like me, so it was me, but I'm me. And there was a nurse there trying to resuscitate me. I was actually dead, and I was resuscitated, and I came back.

"But I realised when I looked down, two things. One was I wanted to raise my children, and the other was - the body is your vehicle, it's your car basically... you wouldn't treat your car as badly as you treat your body."

The actress played Solitaire in the 1973 James Bond film Live And Let Die, alongside Sir Roger Moore.

On her casting, she joked: "I was 20 years old, they were looking for a virgin - it was the 70s, they were very hard to find."

Seymour was a fan of Moore's from spy thriller series The Saint, in which he starred as robber Simon Templar.

She said: "I would go to my grandparents' at weekends and beg for the opportunity to watch The Saint, and now suddenly I had to do photographs before we even started shooting where I was supposed to be topless with Roger.

"And I'm going - The Saint is holding me. And that's when I had long, thick hair that covered all the bits.

"But his wife Louisa came in and said, 'No Roger, you no a-kiss a girl like that, you kiss her like-a this."