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Actress unveils tribute to father

Kate Beckinsale paid tribute to her father Richard, who starred in TV shows Porridge and Rising Damp, as she unveiled a plaque at his former school.

The Hollywood star, wearing a peach top, black and white trousers and Jimmy Choo black and yellow stilettos, met staff and pupils at the school in Nottingham where her father attended between 1954 and 1958.

The Total Recall actress was accompanied by her mother Judy Loe, husband Len Wiseman, former partner and actor Michael Sheen and family friend and TV star David Walliams.

Richard Beckinsale died aged just 31 in 1979 after suffering a heart attack.

Speaking as she unveiled the plaque outside College House Junior School in Chilwell, Kate said: "It's so lovely to have all of you come out. Obviously my dad is a very big deal in our house but it's really nice to see that he's still dear to all of you and it's lovely for me to come to where he came to school and to hear my name pronounced correctly..."

Speaking to the crowd after the unveiling, Kate said: "It was hard for me to think of what I would say to all of you when I was here because I knew my dad for five and a half years and quite a few people felt they knew him for a lot longer than I did and I was mainly filling potties on the back seat during that time so I can't speak about all the nights out I had with my dad.

"But there's something very weird about when something horrible happens like when your father dies. It's so weird as a five year old to look out in the street and see people reading the evening paper and crying while you're crying and your mum is crying and your granny's crying.

"It was a really strange period of time and part of it was really difficult but the part that has been really great is that even though it was the worst loss that I have experienced I was able to share it with people who genuinely, even if they didn't know him, really seemed to love him and there has been an enormous amount of comfort for me over the years to be able to get in a taxi and sign a receipt and someone say your dad's not Richard Beckinsale is it and I say yes and they say 'oh it was a terrible shame I was so sad' and we have a little cry."


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