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Aguilera keeping fit post-baby

Christina Aguilera is reportedly keeping her health in top condition after giving birth with a sensible exercise and eating plan.

The Beautiful singer has apparently been sticking to her passion for yoga and eating healthy meals since giving birth to her second child, Summer Rain.

A source told E!: "Christina was very healthy throughout her pregnancy and is continuing it now after the baby.

"She is very dedicated to yoga. So much that she has never stopped practising it. She did yoga the entire time she was pregnant. And Christina has already been working hard on getting her bod back in shape. She is doing private yoga sessions and loves how it makes her feel."

The source continued that she "loves the way it makes her look and feel, inside and out. It's so calming and keeps her centred. She is obsessed."

They added: "She's eating clean and watching her portions. Everything is about moderation. She will have cheat meals occasionally too. Running after Max (her son) also is helping her burn some extra calories. There's never a quiet moment, Max is very active."


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