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Alec Baldwin criticises the press

Alec Baldwin has hit out at the press, accusing journalists of trying to "destroy my reputation".

The 30 Rock actor said that the media should be avoided "like a disease".

He told BBC News: "Not only do you not have a studio that mentors you, that cares for you, no-one cares for you anymore, no-one takes care of you anymore.

"It's a lot harder to protect yourself. The shell you have to wear to get through this business - I go out the door every day and I've got the New York Post and Fox News trying to destroy my reputation, making false accusations against me and things like that."

Alec, who has made a documentary about the film industry, Seduced And Abandoned, added: "Those people who survive... you look at Leo (DiCaprio) or Russell Crowe or anybody who really is at the top of the pile; they avoid the press as much as possible.

"You avoid the press, you treat the press like cancer because the press's goal is not to illuminate."

The Blue Jasmine actor added: "They want to trip you and when you fall down the stairs, they want to cheer.

"That's a very, very, very haunting reality for someone in my position to deal with. The way you survive is by staying away from the press. You don't see Leo DiCaprio go on Letterman - he does as much of that as he needs to and you avoid that like it's a disease."


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