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Alex Curran smiles to avoid ticket

Wag Alex Curran not only has the looks to stop traffic - she can also stop traffic tickets, seemingly with the flash of a smile.

The wife of Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard managed to dodge a £60 fine after leaving her sleek black Aston Martin on double yellow lines.

Alex, 28, who has worked as a model and launched her own fashion range, had arrived at The Neighbourhood Cafe in Woolton, Liverpool, at lunch time on Friday.

With so much going on at her husband's crisis-torn club, perhaps she failed to notice leaving her £130,000 super-car illegally parked. But it was soon spotted by a lurking traffic warden, who whipped out his notebook and pen.

Alex had to leave her lunch date with two female friends to race back to the car - just in time to avoid getting a ticket.

Dressed in gym gear of skin-tight figure-hugging black leggings and a cream hoodie, she flashed a smile at the male traffic warden, before asking: "Am I too late?"

Parking rules in Liverpool mean if wardens spot an illegally parked car they have to give owners five minutes to return to their vehicles before they can issue a ticket - and Alex arrived just in time.

After parking the car around a corner, Alex returned to continue her lunch.

Liverpool City Council denied that blonde hair, beautiful looks and a winning smile was anything to do with avoiding a parking fine.

A spokesman said: "If she moved the vehicle in time that is fine. Our priority is not to give people tickets but to make sure illegally parked cars are moved as soon as possible to keep the streets clear and keep traffic moving."


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