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Alex Skarsgard leaving True Blood?

Alexander Skarsgard's True Blood character has apparently been killed off as viewers saw him go up in flames in an explosive season six finale.

Vampire Eric Northman spontaneously combusted while reading a book and ran naked in a blaze of flames towards the camera in the last episode, leaving viewers wondering if he can possibly return for season seven.

And British actor Rob Kazinsky, who played faerie-vampire Ben, the latest love interest for Anna Paquin's lead character Sookie also got the chop - with a stake through the heart.

Robert promised viewers could expect "bad, bad things" from his character in the latest series.

But some fans are convinced it cannot be the end for Alex's character Eric. The 36-year-old actor has been in the show since it began in 2008, and the outcome of his flaming encounter was not shown.

Fans took to Twitter to comment on Eric's death, with some speculating he may have survived.


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