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Alien still magnetic, says Michael Fassbender at premiere of sequel

By Francesca Gosling

Actor Michael Fassbender has shared his belief that the "sexual" element of the Alien films is what has kept fans clamouring for more for nearly 40 years.

His words came during the world premiere of Alien: Covenant, Sir Ridley Scott's sixth instalment of the sci-fi horror in which Fassbender, whose mother is from Larne, stars.

The film resurrects the mysterious alien first confronted by Sigourney Weaver in the original 1979 hit film.

"There is something very beautiful about the designs, something primal, repulsive and even sexual, as it doesn't have eyes," Fassbender said.

"Also, it's a parasite that uses us as a host to incubate its seed and then horrifically bursts out of us.

"All of those elements together seem to work somehow."

Last night's event in central London was also attended by Sir Ridley himself, as well as Belfast thespian Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Alien: Covenant will launch in UK cinemas next Friday, May 12.

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