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All grown up: Picture of Outnumbered children leaves fans feeling old

A new picture of the children from BBC sitcom Outnumbered has left fans on social media stunned.

The image was posted by Ramona Marquez, who played Karen, on her private Instagram page before it went viral on Twitter.

Marquez, now 15, appeared alongside her co-stars Daniel Roche, 16, and Tyger Drew-Honey, 20, on the popular show from its inception in 2007 until it ended after five series in 2014.

The photo sees the actress standing alongside Roche and Drew-Honey, who played her on-screen brothers Ben and Jake respectively.

They were the children of Pete and Sue Brockman, brought to life by actors Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner.

Fans of Outnumbered shared their amazement at the image with many remarking how old it makes them feel.

One fan wrote: "The Outnumbered cast are so grown up, why am I getting so old?"

Another added: "The children from Outnumbered don't look like children any more. I feel old."

In an interview with Fubar radio last year, show creator Andy Hamilton revealed his hopes to bring Outnumbered back for a Christmas special this year.

He said: "We hope to visit the family for a kind of one-off."

In 2015, Marquez had a role in Canadian drama film A Louder Silence.

Roche has not acted since Outnumbered finished in 2014, while Drew-Honey has appeared in several TV shows, including BBC history series 24 Hours In The Past.

Dennis appears on BBC comedy panel show Mock The Week and has acted in other comedy series Ballot Monkeys and Not Going Out.

Skinner starred in Channel 4 political mini-series Power Monkeys in 2016 and had a role in Sky 1 medical drama Critical in 2015.


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