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Allen 'stumbled upon' her look

Lily Allen has explained she "stumbled upon" her signature look of prom dresses and trainers, because she wore a lot of hand-me-down clothes and felt too young for heels.

The Sheezus singer became known for her mismatched style when she first entered the spotlight, but has said that it happened by accident.

Asked by V magazine when how old she was when she hit on the look, Lily said: "Twelve? Thirteen? I have an older sister so I had her hand-me-down dresses, and I always just liked trainers when I was a teenager."

Lily's style was copied by Chanel on the catwalk recently with models in dresses and trainers, and she said: " That was a big moment for me, I guess. But I stumbled upon that look - no pun intended - because I thought I was too young to have high heels."

She added that when she was younger her outfit of choice for warehouse raves had been "baggy trousers with fluorescent underwear and little Nike bra tops... You can't have heels in that situation."

Lily continued: "The two [music and fashion] are intertwined for everyone. Style and music have always gone hand-in-hand. But in my case, I'm not really into one specific type of music, so maybe that's why I dress completely different all the time."

Meanwhile, Lily has posted a video on Instagram of herself dancing in a backstage dressing room to Drake's hit Started From The Bottom while wearing nothing but a pair of flesh-coloured Spanx and covering her chest with her arm, captioned: " Cool mum #drakespanxdance."

She later posted another dancing video to Beyonce's Yonce, this time wearing a sparkly silver dress.


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