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Allen tooth pinched from hotel room

Keith Allen has revealed that his gold tooth was stolen while filming a new drama in South Africa.

The actor, 57, left the tooth on a table in his hotel room, but returned to find it missing.

Keith, who had the false tooth put in after an accident while filming in Budapest, said: "There must be something about me and teeth when I'm filming abroad, I don't have a lot of luck.

"It caused all sorts of problems because I'd almost finished filming, and suddenly I didn't have a gold tooth any more. For continuity, you can't have that. We were all dashing around trying to find a replacement so I could get my final scenes done."

Keith, father of pop star turned boutique owner Lily Allen, said he almost didn't get to South Africa to film Sky1 gangster drama The Runaway last year because his flight to the set was grounded by the Icelandic ash cloud.

He said: "To get there we had to drive across Europe and get a flight from Lisbon. It was hell. All the timings went out the window and we had to rush to the costume department in one evening and get our clothes sorted out."

The actor also spoke about his pride in his daughter for turning her hand to fashion, saying: "Lily's very good at it and she's got the same sense as I do of, 'If I want to do something, why shouldn't I?', and that's great. Why should she be dictated to by society?"


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