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Allsopp finds housework therapeutic

Kirstie Allsopp has said she treasures doing the household chores.

The Location, Location, Location and Kirstie's Homemade Home presenter said that repetitive tasks keep her sane.

"I'm not doing the ironing because I have to, but if I get a chance, I find it immensely therapeutic," Kirsty, a mother-of-two with two step-children, said.

"I'm absolutely convinced that those repetitive tasks that one does every day, organising and regularising one's home, and keeping it tidy, is enormously therapeutic.

"I know it is for me, and I have many, many working mum friends who feel the same. That to know that their child is going to school with clean hair, clean teeth, clean uniforms, and their house is clean is what keeps her sane."

Kirstie, who recently caused controversy when she labelled Britain "spoilt" and said people without power because of the storms should not be getting compensation, said she prioritises spending time with her partner, Ben Andersen.

She added: "You can only find happiness in other people's happiness. You cannot, as an individual, find your own happiness alone. It is only by making other people happy that you can be happy yourself."

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