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Alyson Hannigan on life after HIMYM

Alyson Hannigan has opened up about life after How I Met Your Mother.

The actress played the role of Lily Aldrin in the hit E4 comedy for nine years before the final episode aired in America earlier this month.

The former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star has already moved on to another project, having recently filmed a pilot for a show called More Time With Family on the same set she called home for so long.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Taste For A Cure benefit in Los Angeles, which raises money for UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Centre Foundation, Alyson said she was looking forward to all the food at the event.

She said: "I am so sad my husband isn't here because we watch all the food shows and on Pinterest I have friends who post amazing food things that I know I can't make. It's 11pm and I want a brioche, egg , spinach thing with fennel and truffles and where am I going to pull that out?

"Unfortunately everybody I know has somebody that has been affected by cancer and it is such an important thing to figure out and we need to do everything we can to find a cure as quickly as possible."

Talking about life after How I Met Your Mother, Alyson said it was easier because she got to return to the set so soon after the show ended.

She added: "I did get to go to the set again because that is where Tom Papa and I filmed our pilot which was a blast. It was so wonderful to be back on the stage with an audience which was just heavenly and I loved it so much.

"There was a moment when I am sure my mouth dropped open because there was laughter where I wouldn't have thought. I thought it was a cute line but didn't know it would get so much of a laugh so I was just amazed by the people."


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