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Andre: Fatherhood's made me patient

Peter Andre has revealed that becoming a father again is a joy.

The singer and TV presenter welcomed newborn daughter Amelia - his first child with fiancee Emily MacDonagh - on January 7. Amelia is his fourth child after son Junior and daughter Princess with ex-wife Katie Price. He also adopted Katie's son Harvey.

"Trust me, I am so tired. I think the difference between being just normally tired is when you're tired but it's exciting. Then you can look OK, because you're an excited tired," he said.

"And of course, poor Emily has to do the feeds, which is going to take a lot of energy out of her, because she's the only one that can do them. I've got to do the nappies because I can't do the feeds. So apart from that, we're very hands on and we're loving it."

Peter - whose new song Kid is the official track for DreamWorks' new animation Mr Peabody And Sherman - said fatherhood has given him more patience.

"I've become a lot more patient, definitely. I heard my daughter (Princess) holding my other daughter, and I heard her say, 'Don't worry darling, we'll change you in a minute, everything will be fine'," he recalled.

The 40-year-old said his other children are enjoying being older siblings too.

" It's actually more of a joy because now the kids are involved. It's great," he said.

"They're so happy. Junior's extra happy, because he's the boy of the house now. Bista (Peter's nickname for Princess) is happy because she's finally got her sister. It was Harvey, Junior and Princess, and it's just all happened. It's a great start to the year."

:: Mr Peabody And Sherman opens in cinemas on February 7.


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