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Andrew Flintoff: boxing match was act of stupidity

Climbing into a boxing ring for a professional fight was probably more stupid than brave, England cricket hero Andrew Flintoff has said.

The Ashes-winning all-rounder beat American heavyweight Richard Dawson on points at the Manchester Arena in November 2012, having been knocked to the canvas during the contest.

Asked by the Sunday Express's S magazine what was the bravest thing he had ever done, he said: "Sometimes, there's a fine line between bravery and utter stupidity. The day I decided to climb into a boxing ring for a professional fight was probably on the side of stupidity."

As for the best day of his life, he cited the experience of being a father.

He said: "I get asked this a lot and people always think I'm going to pick something sporty - playing for England or helping win the Ashes. None of that compares to the joy of being a dad."

Flintoff, 37, who lives in Lancashire with wife Rachael and their three children, said he was getting rid of his motorcycles.

"I've had a couple of motorbikes - a Harley-Davidson and a custom-built chopper. They cost a few grand. I'm getting rid of them, though. I don't want my lads playing with bikes."


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