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Andrew Marr hailed for 'never give up' message on his recovery from stroke

Andrew Marr has been praised for his "inspirational determination" after he shared the story of his recovery from a stroke on national television.

In a BBC2 documentary titled Andrew Marr: My Brain And Me shown on Tuesday night, the journalist investigated the workings of the brain, met survivors and underwent experimental US treatment that helped him regain movement after suffering a stroke in 2013.

Among viewers who commended both Marr himself and the documentary creators, @elymusic1 posted on Twitter: "Fascinating and courageous programme from @AndrewMarr9 about strokes on BBC just now. The brain is complex and amazing."

@faberbishopp added: "Inspiring doc from @AndrewMarr9 tonight. No quick fix on stroke recovery but his determination will surely inspire others."

Best known on television for grilling the biggest names in national politics on his Sunday morning BBC programme, The Andrew Marr Show, the 57-year-old broadcaster shared both his deeply personal and humorous sides.

Finishing the hour-long documentary, he joked: "I know the BBC has a special contract that I'm to burst into tears at one point in this programme, but I can't do it, I'm from Dundee."

But in a heartfelt closing message to all viewers, he said: " If there's any lesson from this, it's worth never giving up."

In keeping with Marr's dry wit, viewer @pigglespalz posted: "You may not like this Mr Marr, but you are inspirational. Keep fighting."