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Andrew Sachs: My wife's still angry

Andrew Sachs has said his wife is still angry with Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand for "Sachsgate".

The actor, 83, was best known for his Fawlty Towers alter ego Manuel before the 2008 scandal, when Jonathan and Russell left voicemails on the actor's phone, alleging that his granddaughter had been in a sexual relationship with Russell.

At the time of the fallout, Andrew's beloved wife Melody, who he married in 1960, was in hospital.

"My wife was having a hip replacement operation, and so she saw visions of me when she came out of the anaesthetic," he said.

"She looked at [the] television and saw me standing outside our house talking to journalists."

"It was a horrible time but my interest was in my wife. I couldn't care less about them. I was thinking about my wife and looking after her."

He added: "My wife got very angry about it all... I didn't like it... but she was much more angry about the two boys, Russell Brand and the other one [than me].

"She is still very angry with them, quite understandably, really."

The grandfather-of-four has written his autobiography, I Know Nothing, and said dragging up the whole affair was "no fun".

But he added: "I can't ignore the whole subject, sadly it wouldn't go away if I tried."

:: I Know Nothing: The Autobiography by Andrew Sachs is published in hardback by Robson Press, priced £20. Available now.


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