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Andrew's Arabian Night with Corin

Andrew has been named victorious in the latest Big Brother Parklife task and enjoyed a luxurious date with fellow housemate Corin as his prize.

The Oxford maths geek was embarrassed when all the other housemates decided to give up and let him win after over six hours of sliding up and down his slide as part of a playground endurance test, but when he opened his rewards and discovered he could pick the housemate of his choice to share an Arabian Nights' feast in the Love Nest, he felt less guilty.

Andrew said: "I'll pick Corin, if that's okay."

When unwanted newcomer Sam asked him who he was going to pick as the housemate who must fan him in silence for the entire date Andrew replied: "You."

Andrew and Corin had a great time together, constantly giggling as they fed each other food and knocked back champagne.

Silent Sam look bored and awkward throughout the date but, he managed - just - to keep his mouth shut the entire time. He even managed to pick at some of the leftover food when Andrew and Corin left the Love Nest.

The task of silent fanning slave was a much-needed distraction for Sam as he was soon back to winding up Josie. He tackled her in the kitchen, quizzing her on her relationship with John James.

She said: "I love him more and more every day."

The aspiring graffiti artist probed: "Are you sure you're not just trying to have a Big Brother relationship to encourage fans?"

Josie snapped: "Why would anyone want to go on Big Brother to have a relationship? Why embarrass yourself in front of all those people? I wish I didn't feel like this. Why would it encourage fans?"


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