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Aneurin: White Queen not true facts

Aneurin Barnard has said he doesn't see the problem with The White Queen not being historically accurate.

The BBC drama based on Philippa Gregory's novel has been criticised for not sticking to historical fact, but the actor said it shouldn't be taken as a factual record.

Aneurin, who plays Richard, Duke of Gloucester, said: "History isn't completely 100 per cent accurate no matter what anyone says, no matter what brilliant historians can tell you because they weren't there.

"A lot of things are written down in letters and papers and documents which they can make assumptions from, but anyone can write anything they want down, it doesn't mean it actually happened.

"We have to remember it's a recreation, The White Queen isn't historically accurate and everyone involved knows that. Even Philippa Gregory herself will tell you it's based upon the War of the Roses, it's a variation, an interpretation."

The Welsh actor said he felt people had been too quick to criticise its historical accuracy.

"We get very negative very quickly especially in the UK - 'Oh, well I think this happened in history not that and they got this wrong, they got that wrong'. It's a drama at the end of the day, it's not trying to recreate past worlds, that's not it's intention. It's to use what once upon a time happened and make it into an entertaining TV series."

Aneurin can also be seen in horror thriller Citadel, out now in cinemas.


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