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Aniston: I tune out the gossip

Jennifer Aniston has told how she has learned to "tune out" the gossip surrounding her personal life as she copes with living in the spotlight.

The 45-year-old actress is under constant scrutiny and speculation about her private life, from her current engagement to actor Justin Theroux, her failed marriage to Brad Pitt and whether or not she is pregnant.

Jennifer told 5 News during an interview to promote Horrible Bosses 2: "You just try to tune out - it's just nonsense and static noise - and do your job and stay focused on your job and continue doing good work."

"It does add a little extra push, you have to override that image and that narrative.

"There's always the accidental magazine that you'll see... There's always going to be a glimpse of it."

And the former Friends star explained why she has not opted to sign up to social media to set the record straight, or hit back at any rumours she finds herself the centre of.

Jen said: "I just don't pay attention enough that I would be sitting there defending myself all the time or correcting what's not true.

"They exploit us enough in those rags that I'd rather do great work and focus on work and let that be my contribution, rather than me personally going 'hey, I just had a taco or whatever'."


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