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Anna Friel talks trip to Uganda

Anna Friel says people need more "peace and calm" in their lives.

The actress, 37, travelled to Uganda with her eight-year-old daughter for the World Wildlife Foundation, to make a film on the threat to mountain gorillas.

Anna is urging people to sign a petition called Drop The Line to stop oil drilling which the wildlife charity says poses a risk to the already endangered species in the area.

Anna told the Daily Mirror that the trip fired up her passion for the environment, but going to Africa was also a break from her hectic lifestyle because she had no access to email.

"I just got a real sense of peace and relaxation, and the world was how it should be," she said.

"We should all have peace and calm in our lives for at least a few weeks of the year.

"Even taking our kids to the park and getting outside into the greenery is proven to reduce stress levels."


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