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Anne Heche's 'incredible boyfriend'

Anne Heche credits boyfriend James Tupper for helping her balance her work and family life.

The 41-year-old mother to eight-year-old son Homer and 19-month-old son Atlas relies on help from her former Men In Trees co-star to look after the kids when she is filming.

Anne admitted: "I have a lot of help, I have an incredible boyfriend.

"Fortunately our schedules have been balanced so that he can come and be the dad when I'm shooting and I can go and be the mum when he's shooting. This is not a very hectic schedule.

"We do 10 [episodes per series] - I'd love it if they'd do 20. It's just the best job. It's half an hour so it's a lighter, easier shoot than doing an hour show."

The actress also revealed her children visit while she is filming family comedy drama Hung.

She said: "My kids love it when they get to come to the set. Homer can't wait. It's not about the acting, he can't wait to get to the craft service truck and get some candy. So it all works out - I tell him he can have candy, he likes to come to the set."

::Hung is currently showing on More4.


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