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Anne: I've almost given up heels!

Anne Robinson has admitted she's ready to take a break from black clothes as she bids her final "Goodbye" on The Weakest Link.

The 67-year-old always wore designer black outfits and heels on the show, in keeping with her dominatrix persona, but she confessed that now the programme is ending, she is ready for a new look.

She said: "When I go shopping I now have a sign to wear which says, 'Do not sell me anything black'. I just need a change, and I've almost given up heels."

The television presenter branded the 'Queen of Mean' said she had a "wonderful" 12 years on the quiz show and admitted to being choked up when having to say "Goodbye" for the last time.

Anne also revealed she often asked the makers of the programme to cut sequences in which she felt she had been too cruel.

"Sometimes you'd use your wit and tell a 19-year-old, 'That dress would have been nice when it fitted you', and she'd be crestfallen you'd cut it out."

"The greatest thing was when you had someone to play with, someone who could answer you back," she said.

Since finishing The Weakest Link, Anne has interviewed "cerebral celebrities" on My Life In Books (a second series of which is planned) and can still be seen on Watchdog every Thursday.

She has no plans to slow down, but quipped: "I suppose when Watchdog has to let me have a zimmer frame on I might think it's time to give up!"

:: The final episode of The Weakest Link is on BBC One on Saturday, March 31.


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