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Annette Bening no longer worries about being 'desirable' to men

Annette Bening doesn't like people assuming she tamed her husband Warren Beatty after his womanising ways.

Annette Bening prefers being older as she no longer feels pressure to be “desirable” to men.

The American Beauty actress has had an illustrious career over the years, landing four Oscar nominations and winning two Golden Globes among other accomplishments. She’s content with life at 58 years old, but from watching the world around her change Annette has witnessed how many expectations the women of today face

“I like being older - I don’t feel the same pressures,” she told New York Times. “You have to be hot - that’s the No. 1 thing; a certain face, certain breasts, certain body. You have to be desirable from the male point of view. Then of course you have to go to college, and of course you have to have a really good job that looks right.”

On top of these demands, Annette adds women are expected to marry and have children while still maintaining their job, as it's presumed true happiness can only come from having both a family and a career.

However, the Being Julia star doesn’t understand how true all these requirements are to the women of today, especially after all the hard work put into gaining equal rights over the years.

“How does that reflect on where we are with feminism, the women’s movement, and freedom for women?” she mused. “How does that coexist with these advances in women’s abilities to make their own choices? The objective is to be free, to be able to do what you want to do, and not be bound by cultural barriers that are unfair!”

Annette is only too aware of how a certain public image can impact a person. When she tied the knot with fellow film star Warren Beatty, with whom she has four children, in 1992 many credited her for taming the famous lothario – a feat she wasn’t keen on being known for.

“It just sounds so unappealing and is not at all what happened, and it doesn’t reflect on him or me in a good way,” Annette sighed. “I’ve avoided trying to correct people, but I also don’t want to really get into it, so I just end up shrugging my shoulders.”

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