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Ant and Dec: No love at first sight

Ant and Dec have revealed they almost didn't hit it off because of Dec's awful jokes and Ant's miserable face.

The Geordie duo met on the set of teen drama Byker Grove, but told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle that they hadn't become instant best friends.

Ant said he'd initially been put off his now best mate because of his "awful" jokes, while Dec said they got to know each other through being tutored in the show's Green Room at the same time: " We would mess about and put each other off. I remember seeing Ant in the corner and thinking he's got a bit of a miserable face.

"It's not like we walked into the room and went 'you are hilarious', 'you are hilarious too'."

Eventually, the pair's characters became friends and Dec said: "I thought he wasn't as bad as I thought he was when we first started out. I thought he was actually all right. I took him under my wing and ever since then...

"Ant sent me a Christmas card that year and it was Fred Flintstone on the front of it and inside it said 'Have a yabba-dabba-do Christmas'.

"It had 'PS, fancy going to the Swindon game on Boxing Day?'. So I rang him up and said yes, so that was when we started going to the match and hanging out."

Ant revealed he nearly didn't go to his Byker Grove audition because he had been teased about a previous TV show appearance, but that his friend told his mum about it and she forced him to go, saying he'd regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't.

He said: "She was right. I did it, I got the part and I liked it. I've never really looked back. My friend Craig grassed me up and I am very thankful for that."

But he said the bullying continued: "It was tough. Especially at that age, you don't get a lot of love from your peers. There is a lot of jealousy, especially from boys. They are not going to walk over and say 'I thought you were fantastic last night darling, loved the show'.

"What do you want to be in that for? A lot of name calling and mickey taking... But then again we got a lot of nice attention from girls as well. From early doors you could see the advantages and disadvantages of being famous."


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