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Anthea Turner moves next door to Eamonn Holmes

Millions of people used to wake up to the sight of them perched on the GMTV sofa and now it seems Anthea Turner and Eamonn Holmes could be waking up just a stone’s throw apart each day.

The former Blue Peter presenter and husband Grant Bovey have just bought a new £4.75m mansion in Surrey.

One of her neighbours is former GMTV colleague Eamonn, with whom she famously had a long-running feud.

It means either could pop around to their neighbour’s house for a cup of sugar following a far from sweet relationship between the two in the past.

The pair co-presented the popular morning show from 1994 to 1996 but their relationship crumbled, snowballing into a very public spat.

Eamonn (51) even branded his colleague ‘Princess Tippy Toes’.

The two didn’t patch things up publicly until November 2009, when she agreed to appear on The Friday Show, hosted by the Belfast man.

“It was the biggest bitch-off ever,” Anthea (50) said. “He nicknamed me Princess Tippy Toes.

“I have to say in defence of Eamonn he was going through a really difficult time.

“He sent me a letter saying that there had been some wrongs and that we should meet up.

“And I admit I didn’t meet up.

“It followed me round like a stink. And then he got a chat show in Ireland and rang me up. I think that’s something we wanted to do for a long time.

“And now we are neighbours.”

Anthea’s huge investment in the property — based in an area dubbed the Beverly Hills of Britain — comes just one month after her husband was discharged from bankruptcy.

His property firm — Imagine Homes — went bust in 2008, owing £50m.

The decision to shell out £4.75m on the plush mock-Tudor mansion, complete with pool and steam room, therefore raised a few eyebrows.

“Isn’t that a lovely saying of Elizabeth Taylor’s, ‘Success is great deodorant, it cancels out all your previous smells’,” said Anthea.

Despite coining the famous nickname for Anthea back in the 1990s, Eamonn showed he wasn’t too fond of having fun poked in his direction when he hit out at an unflattering portrayal of himself on the BBC’s The Impressions Show in 2009.

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