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Anthea Turner pens 'survival guide' for divorced women

Anthea Turner says the heartache from her previous two divorces is her inspiration for helping other divorced women.

The TV personality separated from Grant Bovey in 2013 but they were officially divorced last year. She was also previously married to DJ Peter Powell for eight years before they divorced in 1998.

The 55-year-old is now writing a survival guide about divorce and told Hello!: "I've found my way back to being me again."

She added: "I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I thought might be worth sharing, especially having gone through it twice."

"If the person you trust most in the world lets you down, your whole belief system is undermined... But along with these painful experiences comes a wealth of information, stories, advice and humour and I just want to share them with my fellow female divorcees."

The former Blue Peter presenter also revealed she is dating again after meeting wildlife photographer David Yarrow.

She met Yarrow before Christmas last year while out for a glass of wine with a friend.

She said: "I looked terrible and was getting over a bad day with a pal of mine over a glass of Chablis."

"It's early days so I'm not going to jinx anything... We get on great and he always makes me smile."

:: Read the full interview in this week's Hello! out now


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