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Apprentice candidate Aleksandra King walks out before group task at Liberty store

The Apprentice suffered a dramatic blow as a candidate Aleksandra King walked out before the task began in the fourth episode of the series.

Ms King decided to opt out of the process before their team's planning meeting, forfeiting the chance to win Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment.

The 38-year-old told her team she couldn't continue with the process as she was not finding it enjoyable.

Project manager for the task, Grainne McCoy from Northern Ireland, responded: "Is this a joke? No? OK, let's get on with it."

It is the first time a business hopeful has walked before a task has begun.

Ms King, who owns and operates a business consultancy company, began the show by saying she was "like the Tasmanian devil in the famous cartoon, I will torpedo my way through to the win.”

The unexpected departure leaves 14 candidates to tackle a fashion task in which the two teams take over luxury London store Liberty.

Teams Nebula and Titan have to introduce a new product line to promote and sell in the high-end shop, and are also tasked with running a personal shopping service.

Last week, sausage company owner Oliver Nohl-Oser was fired by Lord Sugar for becoming flustered during a sweet-making challenge.

Ms King will join this week's fired business person on You're Fired with Rhod Gilbert at 10pm on BBC Two, directly after The Apprentice airs on BBC One.


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