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Apprentice Chris chooses sexy wife

The Apprentice contestant Christopher Farrell casts himself as the star of a TV commercial in this week's episode.

Lord Sugar challenges the aspiring entrepreneurs to create a new brand of household cleaner, and the former Royal Marine Commando is project manager of team Synergy.

But Chris draws criticism from his team mates and advisor Nick Hewer after putting all his focus on the raunchy TV ad. After choosing to call his team's cleaner 'Octoklean', inspired by an Octopus, Chris decides to cast himself as the dad in their commercial and begins auditions to cast himself a lovely wife.

His eye is soon distracted by a certain sexy brunette and contestant Joanna Riley observes: "I think it's quite shady how Chris has picked the young, attractive girl."

As Chris snuggles up on a sofa with his new 'wife' for the steamy TV ad, he claims: "Sex sells - let's be fair. It's really important for me and the actress to have chemistry."

But Lord Sugar's trusted advisor Nick despairs: "So much for the liberated woman - this commercial is a stereotypical mumsy housewife. In 2010 you do not show this kind of 1950s schmaltz."

Meanwhile, unemployed communications head Alex Epstein leads rival team Apollo, and reluctantly agrees to call their cleaner 'Germ-O-Nator', an idea enthusiastically suggested by investment banker Chris Bates.

And when 22-year-old Laura Moore finds her ideas ignored, her request to pitch for team Apollo is turned down and she is put in a sub team to make a radio commercial, she throws a massive strop, ranting: "I see this as a complete disaster! Have you ever seen me this p**sed off?"

:: The episode will be aired at 9pm on Wednesday on BBC One.


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