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Apprentice hopeful caught napping

One would-be entrepreneur fell asleep on the job when she dozed off during the task in the latest episode of The Apprentice.

Restaurant owner Maria O'Connor nodded off in the back of the car while her teammates tried to decide what gadget they should make and pitch to retailers.

The girls team - called Sterling - picked Jane McEvoy as their leader but had more trouble deciding on their final product for the BBC1 show.

They struggled to choose between a tap cosy, which lets people put their feet up in the bath, and a splash screen to put on the side of the bath for children's bathtime.

Jane started to have doubts after meeting a mother and toddler focus group, telling the others "perhaps we're making our product very difficult, we have a bit of a dilemma here".

The boys team - called Phoenix - was not much better and struggled to choose between pitching a waste compactor bin and a pair of rubber gloves with scourers on one side.

Project Manager Azhar is not impressed with his team, telling them: "I think people are just not committing to the product and I don't think they want to give 100% to the product at all, or to winning the task."


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